Charlie Lewis Marffy (B.1989) is a British painter, writer, and researcher who is currently based in London. Lewis Marffy's multifaceted approach to artistic creation draws upon relationships between language, thought, and reality. Sourcing his inspiration from semiotics, linguistics, diagrams, and nature, Lewis Marffy has developed a highly personal visual language that interweaves free interpretation to redefine symbols, signs, motifs, and idiosyncrasies. With a particular focus on the complexities of psychosis, his most recent projects delve into the ambiguity of the crossroads between mental health and public spaces. Lewis Marffy, greatly influenced by his own experience with mental health and time spent in liminal spaces seeks to explore and express the nature of the psyche. Lewis Marffy's oeuvre incorporates themes such as isolation, memory, the ego, an altered sense of self, and hallucinations. Striving to explore psychological states through evolving semi-abstract visual language Lewis Marffy delves into the relationship between cognition and imagination. Inviting the viewer to navigate his works as mental maps Lewis Marffy challenges the boundaries of the material environment and offers glimpses into the subliminal world.