Celine Ali (b. 1997) is an emerging contemporary artist currently based in London. Originally from Romania but of Turkish ethnicity, Celine spent most of her childhood navigating between two cultures. The duality of her cultural identification has served to inform her unique perspective and is reflected in her work's focus on the multiplicity of identity. Celine received her Bachelor's degree in Interior Design at Northumbria University Newcastle in 2019 and went on to complete a Master’s degree in Fine Art from London Metropolitan University in 2021, she now pursues her independent artistic practice full-time. 

Celine's oeuvre explores a wide range of concepts including human connectivity, emotional intimacy and unconventional ideas of woman’s existence. Interested in the notion of ambiguous identities, Celine's work depicts faceless figures encouraging viewers to shape their own narratives. Incorporating cubist influence and surrealist aesthetics into her work Celine presents vibrant visual narratives mixing representational elements with the abstract. Fascinated by the contrast between fragility and the innate power of human beings, Celine seeks to evoke the essence of fragility through the lens of simultaneous vulnerability and strength. Through bold chromatic works, Celine portrays different facets of femininity, skillfully confronting the limitations inflicted on women by cultural paradigms of gender and ideals.