Katrin Fridriks: WISH EYE COULD FLY: Isolation Series

9 - 19 May 2020

The great protagonist of these recent times of ours seems to be one of the very things that collectively, as a society and a century, we have been trying to avoid: isolation. In the fast- paced, interconnected and high-speed era that we live in, there seemed to be no time for


solitude and reflection - and yet it was precisely solitude in dire circumstances that inspired and gave rise to some of mankind's greatest achievements. During the Black Plague, an isolated in the countryside sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity, while a quarantined at home Shakespeare composed his masterpiece, King Lear.

Solitude is not only the cradle of man's inspiration but it is also - as only realized precisely in such moment of solitary insight - carries within itself the understanding of one of humanity's great hidden truths. A paradoxical one, as all deep truths are, which one can only realize when in the absence of it - and that is that while we may be confined in our homes, we distance each other just to find ourselves closer again once united. That being apart bands us together.