Untitled Art, Miami Beach 2022

12th Street and Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida, 29 November - 3 December 2022 
JD Malat Gallery is thrilled to present a captivating new series of paintings by Icelandic artist Georg Oskar and British artist Georgia Dymock for Art Basel's 11th edition of UNTITLED Art Fair, Miami Beach. Showcasing each artist's unique and yet equally alluring response to the human body and its environment, JD Malat Gallery's presentation at booth B36 offers a space for the diverse audience of Miami to reflect upon the interplay between selfhood, popular culture and the mundane activities of everyday life.
JD Malat Gallery's participation at UNTITLED 2022 supports our vision of presenting and situating the works by established and emerging artists within the framework of the global art scene. Showcasing artists with diverse forms of creative expressions who are balancing between the figurative, abstract and expressive, JD Malat Gallery seeks to establish their visions in the international art historical context. By displaying its innovative and insightful body of work to the cosmopolitan audience of Miami, JD Malat Gallery seeks to stimulate the continuous dialogue between art, artists and viewers across the world.