Untitled Art, Miami Beach 2020

Online Viewing Room, 2 - 6 December 2020 
For UNTITLED 2020 JD Malat Gallery presents Fracture, a solo booth by leading Turkish artist Zümrütoğlu. This booth will bring together Zümrütoğlu 's highly expressive paintings and sculptures as an extension of the artist' s solo exhibition Atonal Drift at JD Malat Gallery in London. Fracture develops the artist' s interests in the 'dissonant and disharmonious body'. Zümrütoğlu explores the notion of disharmony by creating a series of work s which announces a more violent approach to figurative abstraction, commenting on the artist's own deviation from traditional structures. Zümrütoğlu interrogates ideas of deconstruction across painting and sculpture and seeks to underline this series of works as a by -product of a fractured society.