June 20, 2022
JD Malat Gallery is thrilled to announce our participation at Mayfair Sculpture Trail from 20 June until 31 July 2022. The sculpture "Treasure of the Heart" by Ghanian artist Kojo Marfo will be positioned at New Bond Street, enriching the artistic atmosphere of Mayfair's open spaces. Originally known for his abstract paintings of individuals and group portraits, Marfo unveils his new artistic venture through sculpture.
Marfo is an Afro-Expressionist, fusing elements from his Ghanaian background with Western Art references to critically engage with themes of identity and multiculturalism. Akan art plays a significant role in Marfo's quest to create a collective experience. Translating his visual language into a brand new medium takes Marfo's artistic practice further, "Treasure of the Heart" being the first sculpture of many more to come.
The complex web of influences at play in Marfo's work highlights the truly open, and all-embracing nature of his artistic approach. The crucial message of acceptance which is at the heart of Marfo's work, is beautifully materialized in the embracing figures in the sculpture "Treasure of the Heart." The portrayed desire for closeness gives the viewer an insight into the humanistic nature of his practice.
JD Malat Gallery is proud to present "Treasure of the Heart" to the wide and ever-changing Mayfair audience, abstracting the notions of nationality, race, gender, and humanity. The figures reflect the diverse nature and surroundings of Central London, compiling in itself a true representation of the area. As an artist who had multiple successful projects in 2021 and 2022, this sculpture will emphasize his artistic importance and innovation to the public.
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