July 5, 2022
JD Malat Gallery is proud to announce Ming Ying's collaboration with public art platform W1 Curates London.
The collaboration features Ying's signature vivid and abstract paintings displayed on 8K LED screens across the façade of Flannels' flagship store on Oxford Street, London, from 4 until 17 July 2022.
Born in China and currently based in London, Ming Ying reflects on the experiences of different races, cultures, and distinct social classes within new surroundings. Her highly expressive impastoed paintings reference society's quotidian moments, flashy social scenes, drama and films to explore themes of loneliness and desire. By depicting the stories of her characters' lives, Ying aims to provide the audience with an opportunity to resonate with the subjects of her paintings. 
After her debut sell-out solo exhibition Society: Acts I - IV with JD Malat Gallery, Ming Ying's collaboration with W1 Curates will allow the London public to engage with her captivating work on a monumental scale, creating an immersive effect.
Caught between figuration and abstraction, Ying's canvases convey dreamy scenarios that are based on the real world yet remain separate from reality. The complex tension between presence and alienation is highlighted by Ying's use of distorted brushstrokes, vivid colour palette and the layering manner of paint application. Through a display of alternating images of Ying's latest oil on canvas paintings, W1 Curates will grant the public the chance to explore Ming Ying's impressionist technique in detail.
Specialising in using state-of-the-art technology, W1 Curates exhibits artworks by international artists in the public sphere. To date, W1 have presented the work of several prominent artists of our times, including Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk and Anish Kapoor, providing them with a unique and engaging platform that boldly re-envisions the world around us. 
Brightening up Oxford Street in July 2022, Ming Ying X W1 Curates will not only democratise an opportunity to see Ying's paintings but highlight the issues of marginalisation in society and destigmatise the feelings of loneliness and alienation that often remain concealed or suppressed.
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